meet our teachers

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Bradley Grosh
Smart Start CEO

His passion is technology and web development. He is always looking for new approaches in online education.

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Maila Cooper
Head of Techology

Maila is an experienced supervisor. She perfectly evaluate outsourced work and setting up effective help-desk processes.

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Gloria Mann
Senior Lecturor

She is a professional lecturor. Her courses are always interesting and practical. Gloria uses inovational technologies.

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Mike KOll
Front End Developer

Mike is a relly computer geek. He provides his student practical knowledge and unusual tasks inspiring them.

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Sam Kromstain
Applied Researcher

Sam is an expert in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research, analyzing social statistics data and analytics.

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Nick Lander
Senior PHP Developer

His classes are basedd on interactive tasks and modern technology in web development. He is an experienced professional.

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John Franklin
Graphic Designer

John provides innovative design projects and open potential of each student. He is a visual thinker and communicator.

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Ann Nelson

Ann Nelson is a pohotigrapher since 2010. She loves what she do and convey her knowledge and experience to her students.